Hooray Hippo was created in 2019 to bring education and entertainment together, combining CG characters, fun facts and real footage of animals in their natural habitats to provide a fantastic viewing experience for children in the early years age group that parents and teachers know they can trust.

The series of videos is produced by Caters Media Group, a global media company that specialises in creating and supplying the world’s leading publishers, TV, digital platforms and brands with high-quality content.

With a target audience of boys and girls in the pre-school/early years age group, Hooray Hippo will help them understand the world around them with a special focus on wildlife.

Using the powerful tools of the internet and video, each episode utilises a combination of visually entertaining animation and fully licensed footage of interesting animals in their natural environments.

Each one is delivered in a child-friendly, educational format but will be always engaging and entertaining.

Our primary animated character, Hooray Hippo, will introduce each episode and through real footage of the wildlife and colourful animation, she will showcase a short but informative fact-file on each animal she meets.

Hooray Hippo not only to aims to aid the development of learning about the Animal Kingdom, but through thoughtfully edited content, it also aims to aid social-emotional development by looking into animal behaviours, characteristics and interaction within family groups.