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Children love animals and are curious about how their favourite creatures live in the wild.

That’s why the Hooray Hippo exists.

Combining cute characters, fun facts and incredible footage of animals in their natural habitats, Hooray Hippo helps children ‘understand the world’, with each short video focusing on a different location and a different creature.

Each episode is nice and colourful so it’s easy to project onto a white board. 

The series will help boys and girls in the early years age group: 

  • Learn about different environments and how they might differ from their own.
  • Identify animals and make observations about their characteristics.
  • Spot differences and similarities between various animal species and environments. 

Hooray Hippo aims to educate and entertain, while at the same time conjuring up the will to explore in all who watch.


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As a teacher supporting children with complex additional needs, I am always searching for resources that are educational, engaging and will develop the children's personal interests. Hooray Hippo meets all of my requirements and the children have loved watching each episode! Real footage, alongside animation, offers a true perspective of the animals and their natural environment

Helen, Primary School Teacher

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I found Hooray Hippo and put it on for my 20-month-old son. He absolutely loves it. I'll definitely be using it when I teach my reception children about wild animals. I'll be happy when there are more episodes, though, as they're often on repeat at home.

Michelle, Early Years Teacher